About me

On the off chance you wanted to know more about me, here goes:

Right now, I am a postdoc working with Carl Rasmussen in the machine learning group at the University of Cambridge. Here I’m working on probabilistic approaches to sequential decision making and optimization. I’ve been concentrating more on optimization recently, but eventually I’d like to teach one of Carl’s robots to take over the world.

Before that I was a graduate student in the CS department at UBC, supervised by Nando de Freitas and Arnaud Doucet. My research there focused on using inference-based approaches to solve problems in sequential decision making.

In the far distant past I was an undergraduate in the CS and Math departments at the University of Washington. While there I worked with Rajesh Rao as part of the Neural Systems Group, and I focused primarily on problems of gaze-imitation and imitation-learning utilizing shared-attention.

Contact info

You can contact me by email. Alternatively, if you’re in Cambridge just stop by my office. I’m in room BE4-33, on the fourth floor of the Baker building