Eight new papers from the group to appear in ICML 2013

Eight new papers from the group are to appear in the proceedings of the 30th International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML 2013), to be held in Altanta, Georgia, USA in June. ICML is a leading conference on machine learning. Here are the list of papers with links to the documents:

  • D Duvenaud, JR Lloyd, R Grosse, JB Tenenbaum, and Z Ghahramani. Structure Discovery in Nonparametric Regression through Compositional Kernel Search. [arXiv]
  • E Gilboa, Y Saatci, and JP Cunningham. Scaling multidimensional Gaussian Processes using projected additive approximations. [arXiv]
  • C Heaukulani, and Z Ghahramani. Dynamic Probabilistic Models for Latent Feature Propagation in Social Networks. [pdf]
  • B Lakshminarayanan, DM Roy, YW Teh. Top-down particle filtering for Bayesian decision trees. [arXiv]
  • D Lopez-Paz, JM Hernandez-Lobato, and Z Ghahramani. Gaussian process vine copulas for multivariate dependence. [pdf]
  • C Reed and Z Ghahramani. Scaling the Indian Buffet Process via Submodular Maximization. [arXiv]
  • AG Wilson and RP Adams. Gaussian Process Covariance Kernels for Pattern Discovery and Extrapolation. [arXiv]
  • Y Wu, JM Hernandez-Lobato, and Z Ghahramani. Dynamic Covariance Models for Multivariate Financial Time Series.

Abstracts and additional material can be found on our publications page, and links to author webpages can be found on our group members page.