Three new papers from the group to appear in NIPS 2013

Three new papers from the group are to appear in the Proceeding of Neural Information Processing Systems, 2013, and will be presented at the NIPS conference in Lake Tahoe, USA this December. The papers are:

  • R. Frigola, F. Lindsten, T. B. Schön and C. E. Rasmussen. Bayesian Inference and Learning in Gaussian Process State-Space Models with Particle MCMC.
  • D. Hernández-lobato, J. M. Hernández-Lobato. Learning Feature Selection Dependencies in Multi-task Learning.
  • J. M. Hernández-Lobato, J. R. Lloyd, D. Hernández-lobato. Gaussian Process Conditional Copulas with Applications to Financial Time Series.

More information can be found on our publications page.