Sara Wade

Sara Wade

I have moved to the University of Warwick! Please visit: Dr. Sara Wade

Sara Wade joined the group as a Research Associate (Postdoc) in November 2012. She received a B.Sc. in Mathematics at the University of Maryland, College Park. In January 2013, she earned her PhD in Statistics from Bocconi University in Milan in January 2013, where she worked on Bayesian nonparametric regression with Professor Sonia Petrone.

Her research interests include regression; density estimation; conditional density estimation; mixture models; clustering; feature allocation; (dependent) random measures; Markov Chain Monte Carlo methods; and Bayesian nonparametrics, machine learning, and statistics in general. Applications of interest include the prediction and assessment of Alzheimer’s disease based on neuroimaging data.




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Submitted Papers:

  • Wade, S. and Ghahramani, Z. (2015). Bayesian cluster analysis: Point estimation and credible balls. arXiv:1505.03339.


  • R package mcclust.ext (2015) for point estimation and credible balls to summarize Bayesian clustering models. mcclust.ext_1.0.tar.gz; Manual.

PhD Thesis: “Bayesian nonparametric regression through mixture models” (2013). pdf